Privacy policy

§1 Introductory information

  1. The present Privacy Policy shall define the rules on processing personal information collected via the website platform (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”).
  2. Any and all personal data pertaining to the Users of the Website shall be administered by Aromacolors Sp. z o. o. with its registered seat in Wysogotowo, located at ul. Skórzewska 33, 62-081 Wysogotowo, NIP[1] 7811959875, KRS[2] 0000707631, hereinafter referred to as Aromacolors. 

§2 Nature of processed information, objectives and legal basis

  1. Aromacolors shall collect information about the Users of the Website, i.e. natural persons performing a business or professional activity on their own behalf and natural persons representing legal persons or organisational entities that are not legal persons but have legal capacity conferred upon them by law as well as any and all persons conducting a business or professional activity on their own behalf.
  2. The personal information of the Users shall be processed according to the stipulations set forth below:
    a) to submit orders via the Website to perform a contract (Article 6(1)(b) GDPR),
    b) to use electronic contact forms available on the Website to perform a contract for a specific service rendered thereby (Article 6(1)(b) GDPR),
    c) to enable Aromacolors to comply with legal obligations in line with applicable Polish and EU regulations (Article 6(1)(c) GDPR),
    d) to defend potential claims submitted by the Users against the Administrator for the purpose of pursuing legitimate interests of the Administrator as part of a defense against potential legal claims (Article 6(1)(f) GDPR),
    e) to provide the User with marketing information for the purpose of pursuing the legitimate interests of Aromacolors as part of direct marketing of its own services (Article 6(1)(f) GDPR),
    f) to conduct relevant analyses and statistics about the Users’ activity and the functionality of the Website, including the entirety of information available under the links and references the Users benefited from, to pursue the legitimate interests of the Administrator that consists of carrying out analyses and statistics, facilitating access to the services via electronic means and improving their general quality (Article 6(1)(f) GDPR).
  3. In order to submit an order on the Website, the following information shall be provided:
    a) e-mail address,
    b) residential address: postal code, city, exact street name and house/apartment number,
    c) full name,
    d) telephone number.
  4. If an order is submitted by a company, the scope of data shall be extended by the below:
    a) full company name,
    b) Tax Identification Number NIP,
    c) Statistical Identification Number REGON.
  5. If an order is submitted via electronic forms, the User shall be obliged to provide the below information:
    a) e-mail address,
    b) full name,
    c) telephone number,
    d) full company name if the User represents a company.
  6. While using the Website, certain additional information may also be processed, including in particular: IP address of the User’s computer or external IP address of the Internet supplier, domain name, browser type, access times, operating system type.
  7. Providing personal information to Aromacolors via contact forms shall be voluntary, yet necessary to submit and process orders as well as to fully benefit from the functionalities of the Website.
  8. The User shall have every right to access, request to alter, remove, limit the processing scope, object to processing (if the information is processed according to the legitimate interests of Aromacolors) as well as to transfer his personal information to another Administrator. The User may direct prospective complaints to the President of the Personal Data Protection (ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warsaw).

§3 Information on who has access to personal information and on how long the data is stored

  1. The User’s personal information shall be disclosed to the suppliers of the services Aromacolors benefits from as part of the Website operation. The said suppliers may fulfill various roles, namely:
    a) they may act in the capacity of processors where the suppliers shall process personal information exclusively upon the demand of Aromacolors. This group of services shall include, but not be limited to: web hosting, accounting, marketing systems, website traffic analysis systems, marketing campaign efficiency analysis systems,
    b) they may represent independent administrators, which means that they shall determine the objectives and methods of processing personal information independently.
  2. Any and all personal information of the Users shall be stored subject to the following:
    a) provided that the User’s consent serves as a basis for processing personal information and for as long as he upholds the said consent; once withdrawn, the data shall be stored subject to the limitation period of the claims Aromacolors may raise and of the claims that may be put forward against Aromacolors. Unless otherwise stated, the said limitation period shall be 6 years, yet 3 years for the claims for periodic benefits and the claims that result from conducting a business activity,
    b) provided that the performance of a contract serves as a basis for processing personal information; Aromacolors shall be entitled to process the User’s personal information as long as it is necessary to perform a contract; once completed, the data shall be stored subject to the limitation period of the claims. Unless otherwise stated, the said limitation period shall be 6 years, yet 3 years for the claims for periodic benefits and the claims that result from conducting a business activity,
  3. Navigation data shall be processed for the purpose of improving the quality of the service, enhancing statistical data analyses, aligning the operation of the Website with general preferences of the Users as well as managing the Website.

§4 Cookies and IP address

  1. The Website uses cookies, namely small text information stored on the end device of a website visitor (e.g. computer, smartphone, tablet) if allowed by his browser. Cookies may be identified by the ICT system of the Operator or other entities.
  2. Aromacolors shall store cookie files on the end device of the Users to gain access to their data for statistical and marketing purposes as well as to customise the site and improve the visitor’s experience.
  3. Aromacolors shall notify the Users of a possibility to configure the browser in a manner that cookie files cannot be stored on the end device of the User.
  4. Aromacolors shall inform the User about a possibility to remove cookie files already stored by Aromacolors in the following ways: by activating certain web browser functions, by installing a dedicated software or by implementing adequate tools of the operating system the User benefits from.
  5. Aromacolors shall inform the Users about the fact that changing the browser’s configurations to disable or limit the storage of cookies on his end device may negatively impact the ultimate functionality of the rendered Services. The same applies once the cookie files are removed during the provision of the Service.
  6. Aromacolors shall reserve the right to collect IP addresses of the Users. An IP address shall be defined as a numerical label assigned by a supplier of Internet services to a computer of a person visiting the Website. The IP number enables Internet access. In most cases, the said label shall be assigned to a host dynamically, which means that it changes persistently with a single connection. Aromacolors shall use the IP address to diagnose server technical issues, to draw up statistical analyses (e.g. to define the exact locations of the visitors), to manage the Website and improve the User’s experience as well as to increase security measures and identify potential unwanted automatic software that may overload the server while browsing Website contents.
  7. The Website contains links and references to other websites. Aromacolors shall not be held responsible for the quality of personal data protection policies provided thereon.

§5 Security measures

Aromacolors hereby declares to take all necessary measures to ensure secure and encrypted connections while sharing the Users’ personal information. When processing personal information, Aromacolors shall use a relevant SSL Certificate issued by a company engaged in protecting and encrypting information disclosed on the Internet.

§6 Changes to the Privacy Policy  

  1. The present Privacy Policy may be altered. Aromacolors shall notify the User of any all alternations upon 7 days’ notice.
  2. Any and all questions regarding the provisions hereof and personal data processing shall be directed to the following e-mail address:
  3. Latest modification: 3 April 2020.

Privacy Policy 001 2020.04.07

[1] Tax Identification Number

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