Original blends

Aroma Smart Blend is a line of 100% natural and healthy sweetening compounds conceived in response to the modern needs of health-conscious and demanding consumers.

The products are low-caloric and bear the clean label thanks to the presence of fully natural ingredients such as sweeteners, flavours, fruit juices, and colours.

Aroma Smart Blend fulfills a triple function: it gives taste, sweetness, and shade.

The blends are a perfect fit for a wide range of foodstuffs including dairy products, e.g., yoghurts, homogenised cheese, milkshakes, kefir, buttermilk, etc. They might also be applied to plant-based yoghurts or drinks as well as to sports nutrition products based on skimmed milk.

Aroma Smart Blend was created out of passion not only for taste, but also for nature.

Clean label

  • NATURAL sweeteners.
  • NATURAL flavour.
  • NATURAL c.
  • NATURAL fruit juice.

In other words, sweet, healthy, and natural.

Fully NATURAL ingredients.

  • Based on erythritol (More here).
  • Low-caloric, no glycemic index.
  • Non-cariogenic.
  • Antioxidant properties.
  • Project conceived by a nutritional specialist in collaboration with food technologists.
  • Well-tolerated and safe.
  • Perfect balance between taste, smell, and shade.
  • Wide array of applications.
  • Product in line with the expectations of modern-thinking and health-conscious consumers.

7-10g/100g of dairy products.

Exemplary application:

  • Yoghurt or homogenised cheese: Add 1 tablespoon (10g) to 150 g of product, mix carefully until fully dissolved.
  • Milk, fermented milk beverages, unsweetened plant-based beverages: Add 1 tablespoon (10g) to 200-250 ml of cold or warm (not hot) drink, mix carefully until fully dissolved.

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